The Pink Drink

This is an easy gin-based drink that’s perfect for spring and summer celebrations. Make it for Mom on Mother’s Day. Sip it alongside a savory brunch dish. Or just savor it on your patio or backyard deck during one of those beautiful spring days. It’s strawberry-forward without being overly sweet and easy to drink even…

Pumpkin Pie Martini

This cocktail is a great drink to serve your Thanksgiving guests. (I like to drink it while preparing the Thanksgiving meal before the guests arrive.)

The Rose Gold Martini

This drink was inspired by a cocktail I recently had at an upscale bar in Los Angeles. It uses only a few ingredients but has a complex flavor, combining floral notes in rose syrup and vanilla notes in Liquor 43.

The Secret to the Perfect Frozen Margarita at Home

Everyone loves that perfect – almost creamy – texture of the frozen margarita that’s extruded from the machine at the local Mexican restaurant. However, it can be cloyingly sweet and is often made with poor quality tequila that – after having a few – doesn’t make for a rosy tomorrow. You’re the boss of the…

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