Tortilla or Not Tortilla, That is the Question (Or, The Secret to Making Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips at Home)

Introduction The folks over at (a favorite food blog I read regularly) recently published two articles about those amazingly light yet amazingly crunch tortilla chips you seem to be able to get at Mexican restaurants but nowhere else. In their first article, they theorized that spraying atomized water from a spray bottle on store-bought… Continue Reading →

Sous Vide Dulce De Leche

In Search Of The Perfect Dulce De Leche (or, Zen and the Art of Sous Vide Milk Carmelization)

By Ross Goldenberg May 5, 2011 In my house, Cinco de Mayo is a major holiday. This May Mexican fiesta celebrates God knows what (a military victory, maybe?) but around here it’s a throwback to my college days. As a 20-year-old at NYU, ordering cheap Mexican food from Fresh Tortilla (a Chinese-owned Mexican delivery service,… Continue Reading →

Dulce De Leche: Redux

By Ross Goldenberg May 11, 2011 After over 14 hours of cooking and 4 hours of tasting our Sous Vide Dulce De Leche, the results are in! First a quick recap: Ducle de leche is traditionally made by cooking sweetened condensed milk in a can for 3-4 hours. But the traditional method yields inconsistent results…. Continue Reading →

The Quest for the Perfect Matzo Ball: Traditional, Sweet and Deep Fried Variations

There are many great foods that have been born, or, at least, popularized in America, from Jewish tradition- taglach, charoset, potato latkes, and those chocolate covered marshmallow things you eat on Passover. Some might even argue that gefilte fish is one of Judaism’s great gifts to the world, though I’d argue otherwise. But, there are… Continue Reading →

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