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Brown Butter Bourbon Sour Cocktail: An Intro to Fat Washing

This drink is a take on a traditional Whisky Sour cocktail but uses a cocktail-making technique called fat-washing to create a brown butter-infused bourbon.

Un-Mozzarella Sticks

What could be better than mozzarella sticks? These LOW CARB and GLUTEN FREE Un-Mozzarella Sticks are super easy to make and use only one ingredient!

Knife Sharpening 101

This post teaches you the basic steps to both honing your knives with a honing steel and sharpening your knives with a whetsone.

The Pink Drink

This is an easy gin-based drink that's perfect for spring and summer celebrations. Make it for Mom on Mother's Day. Sip it alongside a savory brunch dish. Or just savor it on your patio or backyard deck during one of... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Pie Martini

This cocktail is a great drink to serve your Thanksgiving guests. (I like to drink it while preparing the Thanksgiving meal before the guests arrive.)

The Rose Gold Martini

This drink was inspired by a cocktail I recently had at an upscale bar in Los Angeles. It uses only a few ingredients but has a complex flavor, combining floral notes in rose syrup and vanilla notes in Liquor 43.

Tandoori Chicken: Grillin’ Indian & Cooking with Kids

This recipe will yield extremely juicy and tender chicken with a unique balance of spice, sweetness, and savory. Despite the long ingredient list, it's so easy to make that - literally - kids can do it.

How To Cold Brew

Making cold brew is so easy - once you know how, you'll never buy it from a grocery store again.

The Secret to the Perfect Frozen Margarita at Home

Everyone loves that perfect - almost creamy - texture of the frozen margarita that's extruded from the machine at the local Mexican restaurant. However, it can be cloyingly sweet and is often made with poor quality tequila that - after having a few - doesn’t make for a rosy tomorrow. You’re the boss of the sweetness and alcohol quality when you make ‘em at home, but getting that perfect mouth feel with your kitchen blender has proven next to impossible - until now.

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