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Un-Mozzarella Sticks

What could be better than mozzarella sticks? These LOW CARB and GLUTEN FREE Un-Mozzarella Sticks are super easy to make and use only one ingredient!

Knife Sharpening 101

This post teaches you the basic steps to both honing your knives with a honing steel and sharpening your knives with a whetsone.

The Rose Gold Martini

This drink was inspired by a cocktail I recently had at an upscale bar in Los Angeles. It uses only a few ingredients but has a complex flavor, combining floral notes in rose syrup and vanilla notes in Liquor 43.

Tandoori Chicken: Grillin’ Indian & Cooking with Kids

This recipe will yield extremely juicy and tender chicken with a unique balance of spice, sweetness, and savory. Despite the long ingredient list, it's so easy to make that - literally - kids can do it.

The Quest for the Perfect Matzo Ball: Traditional, Sweet and Deep Fried Variations

There are many great foods that have been born, or, at least, popularized in America, from Jewish tradition- taglach, charoset, potato latkes, and those chocolate covered marshmallow things you eat on Passover. Some might even argue that gefilte fish is... Continue Reading →

Find the Hotspots in Your Grill With This (Not-So) High-Tech Device

A couple of months ago, I bought a new grill. I LOVE it. But I also HATE it. To me, grills are like running shoes. New shoes look pristine, don’t have worn-down treads or frayed laces and sometimes have enhancements over... Continue Reading →

Hot Summer. Dry Ice. (Making the Perfect Slushy with Your At-Home Dry Ice Maker)

I am a kitchen gadget snob. Not a whore, but a snob. What’s the difference? Think back to high school. The girl (or guy) who had the reputation for being “such a whore” was the person who kissed every guy... Continue Reading →

Tortilla or Not Tortilla, That is the Question (Or, The Secret to Making Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips at Home)

Introduction The folks over at (a favorite food blog I read regularly) recently published two articles about those amazingly light yet amazingly crunch tortilla chips you seem to be able to get at Mexican restaurants but nowhere else. In... Continue Reading →

It’s Cherry Season, So Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

Late spring into early summer is by far my favorite season for cooking and eating. The grill is fired up at least 7 times a week (sometimes more). And all my favorite foods are at their peak (like soft shell... Continue Reading →

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